What areas do you service?


We offer services to our Southside neighbors in Bronzeville, Kenwood, Hyde Park, and Woodlawn.  Hold tight South Shore neighbors...We are coming to you soon!


What are your office hours?


Our services are available Monday through Friday from 6AM to 8PM and Noon-4PM on Saturday and Sundays.


How will you access my home while I am away?


Glad you asked!  We want to make sure that gaining access to your residence is secure and seamless.  We supply a lockbox that is specifically designed to secure keys to your residence.


Who do I contact in an emergency?


Please give us a call or contact us via email.  We aim to respond to you within 30 minutes.


Is your business insured?


We are fully insured and bonded.


What are the benefits of dog walking?


So many great reasons why your paw family member should take daily strolls!!!!  This list may go on…and on…and on….but here are a few benefits to dog walking:

  • Gives your paw family member exercise and aids in controlling a dog’s weight

  • Regulates their digestive system

  • Minimizes destructive behavior and hyperactivity

  • Boost social skills with people and other dogs


I have a backyard where my dogs can play and poopy. Why do I need a dog walker?


Pet experts recommend your paw family member should be walked at least three times a day, even if you have a backyard.


Can I select the paw patroller of my choice?


Absolutely! Who walks your paw family member is ultimately your choice.  Please check out our paw patrollers’ profiles and their schedules to see which paw patroller will best suit your needs.


Can I use the same paw patroller every visit?


Absolutely!  We want to make sure that your paw family members have a healthy routine.  

However, life sometimes happens and unexpected events may occur, if your favorite paw patroller is not available, we will schedule an alternate paw patroller for your scheduled walk.


Can I meet my potential paw patroller?


We definitely encourage you to meet your dog patroller.  We arrange a 15-30 minute face-to-face meeting before the first solo walk so both you and your paw family member can become acquainted with your paw patroller.   

During this time, please:

  • Share the needs of your paw family member

  • Take an initial stroll with your designated paw patroller


Do you walk multiple dogs at one time?


We only offer solo walks, unless there is more than one paw family member in your household.


What is your cancellation policy?


We recognize that our clients may need to cancel. We charge 50% of the dog-walking fee if cancellation occurs within 12 hours of the appointment start time.   


What form of payment do you accept?


We process payments securely through Stripe and PayPal.


Can we tip our patroller?


Indeed!  Tipping your paw patroller is not mandatory but it will definitely make their day!